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Whether you have general questions about ketamine and other psychedelic therapies or are interested in scheduling a complimentary consultation, we look forward to connecting with you.

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Psychedelic Therapy in San Diego

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Holistic. Legal. Safe.

State of mind affects the body; the body affects the state of mind. While the science behind this is still being studied, we know one thing is certain: when problems arise, we can't only treat the body. Our team can holistically treat individuals using psychedelics and altering one's state of mind.

If you've been failed by traditional medicine and are ready to explore alternative treatments with the potential for long-lasting relief, turn to psychedelic therapies at Resilience Integrative Wellness.

About Psychedelics

Psychedelics are defined as a subclass of hallucinogenic drugs that trigger altered states of consciousness. There are both legal and illegal types. Here at our psychedelic therapy center in San Diego, we only use legal varieties in controlled doses, all within highly controlled environments overseen by medical professionals.

Psychedelics can be classified in many different ways. Some of the classifications we use are “natural,” such as psilocybin, which is found in certain mushrooms. We also employ the use of synthetic psychedelics, like ketamine. With help from our team of professionals, you can get a psychedelic treatment plan that puts you on the path to wellness.

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What to Expect

To help ensure positive experiences, our psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies are meticulously planned with curated elements. Comfort and safety are top priorities here at Resilience Integrative Wellness, and the entire process is supervised by an experienced medical professional.

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Reconnect for Life-Long Wellness


Experience new insights and ways of thinking and feel more invested in the life you’re living, all thanks to the introspection brought on by psychedelic-assisted therapy.


A clear, positive mind makes way for a healthy body. Through the use of psychedelics like ketamine, it’s possible to rewire the body, helping you find relief from physical symptoms.


Reconnect to yourself and the world around you, finding a renewed sense of purpose. Go beyond the mind and body, finding relief on a new, spiritual level.

How Do Psychedelics Work?

At its core, psychedelic treatments work by activating systems in the brain that are responsible for the regulation of anxiety, stress, and trauma. We all have connections that link neurons in the brain to neurons in the rest of the body. It’s possible for those connections to deteriorate or become altered, and with help from psychedelics, the brain increases its ability to form new connections and pathways.

It’s also believed that psychedelics have an effect on our Default Mode Network, a brain region associated with self-criticism. During treatment, that region is temporarily quieted, making way for deeper introspection. Once the treatment is over, that region has been shown to work with others more cohesively.

While the future of psychedelics as an alternative therapy treatment is promising, it’s important to note that efficacy is still being studied, with more research required before any guarantees can be made. Just like with traditional medicine, results vary from individual to individual.

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Shown to help the brain “reset,” allowing changes in previously “stuck” ways of thinking and feeling

Psilocybin alters the network of the brain associated with rumination, a large part of the suffering in many psychiatric conditions

Rapid, robust, and sustained improvements in a variety of addictive and psychiatric conditions have been reported in academic studies

Psychedelics FAQs


Rapid Relief. Lasting Results.

No matter where you are in your chronic pain or mental health journey, you are not alone. We're here to walk with you every step of the way, helping you achieve and maintain wellness.